Real Engineers who actually Work at home or remotely and are very much successful?

Be inspired to work at home, read the testimonies below of real engineers who successfully found career at the comfort of their homes This also opens the door to many other engineers with various degrees of expertise to finally engage to their dream home job.

bdsmith21 - I am a mechanical engineer and I have been working at home for the past two years. I do mostly product design and stress analysis. I also build some of the products I design, in my garage (mostly tig welding). As a freelancer I have designed cars, children's toys, home security products, occasionally I design automated assembly machinery, and all kinds of other things. I started my career, right out of college, working for a little engineering consulting company (3 mechanical engineers). After five years of that I started working for myself and will probably never work for anyone else again. Don't get me wrong, I loved the consulting job for the most part, but working for yourself, from home is a dream come true. I love designing products, and I hate bureaucracy and anything that takes away from actually designing/making a product better. Working from home I am focused and get so much more work done than when I was in an office with other engineers. I can do all of my communication over the internet, sometimes Skype, and I rarely need to travel.

I can interact with molding companies, machine shops, rapid prototype companies, parts suppliers, all from my home office. Also I really like that I can work for 5 companies at once and always have a variety of things to work on and always stay interested in my work. Also I can never lose my job, at least not completely. One other nice thing is that there are so many people and companies out there looking for good engineers that I get to pick and choose which projects I want to work on. Working from home may not be great for everybody, but for someone like me who is motivated and loves to "work" it is a perfect fit.

raoulduke25 (Structural Engineer) - I work from home, but I work for myself, so it doesn't really count as working remotely. I do structural, mechanical, and some aerospace engineering consulting for several companies. It's wonderful working from home, but there are plenty of downsides as well, the biggest one being that you have to manage your money much differently since there is no guarantee of a steady pay cheque.

nalandial (Software Engineer) - I'm a software engineer, so working remotely comes naturally to my industry. I've been working from home for a long time now.

Not having to commute so I have more free time
Being able to eat a proper lunch
Sleeping longer because work is across the hall

Much harder to discuss difficult problems when you aren't in the room with people
Requires enormous amount of discipline
Working remotely is not at all like working for yourself from home, because working remotely requires that you are available during the day as if you were in an office. In other words you can't simply step away whenever you want. Doing it successfully is a constant psychological battle so if you go for it.

price101 - I work from home one or two days a week, on the road one or two, rest of the time at the office. For me, home is when I get my work done, the road is for the clients, and the office is to maintain relationships, politic a bit, and build team spirit.

h_lehmann (Electrical Engineer) - Depending on the type of work, it could be done. I started as an electrical engineer, by training, over 35 years ago, but have since morphed into software development in the niche industry in which I work. I have coworkers that do 99% of their work remotely, only traveling to meet with the rest of us when really necessary. The less hands-on your job is, the easier it is to do it remotely.

infamousnoob  (Mechanical Engineer) I work remotely a couple days per week (from home). Everything that I deal with is stored on a network, so I can VPN in and has access to it all. It's mostly AutoCAD/SolidWorks/Excel files and e-mails.

Timbitkiller - I'm a risk engineer for a major insurance company and pretty much all risk engineers work from home. Our job entails visiting insured locations in order to assess their physical hazards(fire, flood, mechanical breakdown) and protection features (sprinklers, management programs, etc.).

BobZ18188 - I am an electronic hardware engineer who worked remotely full time for 12 years. I worked for 2 semiconductor companies, mostly designing analog and power conversion circuits using the company's ICs. I have a small lab at home and was able to design circuits and circuit boards, build, test and ship when needed. Also visiting customers occasionally. An important key is that nothing I used is terribly expensive; the lab equipment is worth maybe $12,000 which is not so much in the scheme of things. Looking for another such position.

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