Build your online Engineering and homed-based business by starting a Blog

Being a blogger is one of the coolest and easiest ways to produce money from home. Unlike any other job, if you are blogging from home, you don’t need to work 9-5.  You can work at any time of the day with comfort.  But beware, blogging takes period of time before it starts earning cash for you. So I suggest you jump into this field slowly but surely.  If you have a day job, don’t quit it.  Start part-time with your blog.  Once it is on the phase where it is producing you more than your comfortable limits then it’s the best time to turn into full-time blogging mode. 

Blogging is suitable for Engineers who love to write and would like to share their knowledge and expertise with the world.  The only skill required is the ability to express knowledge in writing with simpler yet effective way.  You can start blogging within few hours; the time required will depend upon your level of expertise. For a complete beginner, a day or two would be sufficient to be ready with the basic setup.

First things first dear Engineer, why do you really want to blog? What is your motivation? Is it for fun or do you want to do it professionally? If it's for fun, then just use the free blogging service, like However, if you are eager to do it professionally to build your own business, I strongly suggest you to self-host your blog.  Buy a domain name, buy a hosting space, choose the right blogging platform (e.g. WordPress) and start blogging right away.  I have linked my actual web hosting tools (Hostgator) below. Click on the banner.

HostGator Web Hosting

The very first thing you will need to do when starting a WordPress blog on HostGator is to think about what you want your domain name to be (mine is You can buy your domain directly from HostGator.  Then select a plan with HostGator. HostGator web hosting plans are really CHEAP. Plans start at just $3.96 per month.

You will then register your new domain then confirm your package type and billing cycle. If you have just one blog, then the cheaper Hatchling package is probably perfect for you (you can always change your HostGator blog hosting plan later). You will then choose your username and security pin. Next comes your billing information. Keep in mind that you save more money if you choose a longer plan.

Here are Tips on Starting your Blog 

1. Start a blog about something in which you are really good at. For e.g. If you love travelling and you have travelled a lot of places then start a travel blog (most of us engineers love to travel). 

2. Always try to limit your blog to a particular domain. Don’t put content about multiple domains in one blog. For e.g. Writing about engineering tips on a fashion blog. Keep your blog specific to one domain only.

3. Using your experience and expertise, try to create a very unique and phenomenal content.

4. Try to give a lot of value to your readers. Write about something that will make a difference in your reader's’ life.

5. Listen to the readers of your blog. Try to solve the problems they are facing. Always reply to their comments. Make them feel better.

6. Be committed to your blog. A blog is like a relationship. Give it some love and it will flourish. Ignore it and it will die a death. There’s no point in being half-hearted in your blogging efforts - if you don’t care about it, why should anyone else?

7. Think about content, style, tone of voice, audience, etc. Look at the people who already do what you’re planning to do.  Ask yourself the following questions: How will I stand out from the crowd? What can I say that hasn’t already been said? What’s my unique selling point? Why do I want to do this?

8. Be professional in the way you handle and grow your blog. Don’t criticize other brands, bloggers or people. Remember what goes around comes around. You don’t want something you’ve said to come back and bite you one day.

9. Be open minded and willing to collaborate with other creatives. You’ll meet some fantastic and awe-inspiring people.

How To Monetize

You can monetize your blog by recommending products or services related to your blog’s topic either by writing an informative article or placing banner ads on your blog’s relevant pages.  You can earn handsome commissions when a person buys a product recommended by you.  Another way is you can place Google Adsense ads on your blog. More people click on your ads more money you will make.

You're going to feel deserted for the first year, and seeing practically no visitors to your blog. Keep going, keep writing, and keep refining posts. Don't be afraid or feel embarrassed about your writing standard or style, let the world see the progression of your writing.

Best of luck Engineer. Happy blogging!


Jomel is an Online Engineer who works at home to generate extra income. He is one of your reliable guide to best and effective Business Lifestyle Strategies for Engineers

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