When is the perfect time in an engineer’s life to start an online business?

Fresh engineering graduates have the option to start an online business while hunting for their first employment. Engineers who are currently employed (and unemployed too) can also venture to start on an online business. But the million dollar question is WHEN?

There are two best age when to start an online business:

  1. One age is influenced by the opportunity
  2. The other depends on the engineer’s readiness

Let us discuss the first age which is INFLUENCED BY THE OPPORTUNITY.

Digital Business maturity has evolved drastically over the last five (5) years. This means that the large opportunity to successfully start an online business is already up for grabs today (now). Many engineers have endeavored to join or created online businesses and are so much successful today. Since engineers are technically-inclined people, they usually have the edge to do better or create a unique idea to be marketed online which is the real deal today.


The key to know when to launch your online business on a full-time basis is to match your skills, talent and experience with the opportunity and with your competitive advantage.

As soon as you feel that you have a strong enough grasp of the online business you are targeting and you have a wide enough personal network to build the relationships that you will need. Relationships mean potential employees, customers and all of the other people you will need to support your new venture.

I've met engineers who were ready to start their own online business after only a year or two of experience and other who weren't ready after 10 or 20. It depends a lot on how much you focus on rounding out your abilities, your network and your online business knowledge.

In summary, the opportunity to start an online business in booming right now and if you are reading this blog, that means that you are earnestly getting information and sincerely striving to be ready for a change in your life.

Dear engineer, the best time to start an online business is NOW..

You should start your online business NOW when you feel you have an unstoppable desire to start it. Don't worry about it not being a good idea. At first glance, Uber and AirBnB never seem like a good idea while Segway looks like a champion of ideas. Look who's ahead now.

The best way to find out if your idea is good is to bring it to life and see if it can stand the heat of fire.

Don't be burdened by your current commitment. Every engineer has commitment and responsibilities.  Don't even let the economy stop you. Lots of great companies are built during the worst of times. Disney was founded during the Recession.

So rise to your feet and stop giving yourself excuses..

Today is the day.  If you feel the burning desire to bring your idea to life, this is YOUR best time to start an online business!

With the internet, an average engineer can start a business for less than $20 and make hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars from home. I’ll give more details about online business in my future blogs. Believe me; it’s so much easier to start an online business NOW than 20 years ago.

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. Colin Powell

KFC was founded by Colonel Harland Sanders, an entrepreneur who began selling fried chicken from his roadside restaurant in Corbin, Kentucky during the Great Depression.  He was 60 when he launched KFC. The best age to start your business seems to depend on the maturity of the industry or the stage of your maturity.

Please share this to your fellow engineers and encourage them to start their online business NOW!

You can plan every element of your business plan in less than an hour with an 11-page questionnaire. You will be able to determine your unique value proposition to understand how to position your business in the market. You will nail down your marketing strategies using 7 key factors of “The Marketing Mix”. You will also create an actionable competitive analysis to understand and win over your competition. You will then finalize your financial plan and ensure lifelong profitability.

Best of luck on your online business, Engineer!


Jomel is an Online Engineer who works at home to generate extra income. He is one of your reliable guide to best and effective Business Lifestyle Strategies for Engineers

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