How to self-publish your engineering ideas in a Kindle eBook at home?

I say that indeed every engineer has a book in them and in some cases it’s not where it should stay. It should be shared to the world. But few engineers ever take the time to actually write and then publish that amazing engineering and design book (or any idea / concept engineers have in mind). In the not so recent past there have always been obstructions to getting your ideas and words into print, but now everything has changed with development of self-publishing. This self-publishing program offers very low cost (or sometimes free) tools to begin your journey to your own publishing business.

Amazon and the Kindle have indeed transformed how we buy and read books. Amazon dominates the book market. The eBook format Kindle uses is proprietary to Amazon.

Yes engineer, you can get published, see your unique message spread, and make good amount of money using just your computer and your engineering brain. Here’s how:

Step 1: Prepare your manuscript

When publishing an e-book, the first step is, of course, to write it. There are a number of word processors to choose from, with Microsoft's Word being the leader. You can save your work in DOC format or the newer DOCX.

It's always a good idea to read up on how the whole KDP system works, as you will need to ensure the pages of your book are formatted correctly. Amazon has a handy guide that explains all this in detail. Prepare series of drafts wherein you throw ideas on a blank page, then write the table of contents, sketch out each chapter and put all your ideas and concept. Develop these ideas and organize. Eventually you will have the structure of your story.

Step 2: Publish

You need now to actually make your book available for sale on Amazon? This sounds so complicated but it's not. Here are twelve simple steps to do it:

  1. Go to and register.
  2. Register your tax info for royalties.
  3. Click “Bookshelf” and then “Add new title.”
  4. Fill out the form, including book title and description
  5. Upload the cover file (JPEG format).
  6. Upload the book file.
  7. Test your book with Amazon’s online viewer to make sure it looks right.
  8. Click “Save and continue” and advance to the “Rights and Pricing” page.
  9. Choose “Worldwide Rights.”
  10. Choose a royalty rate and select your price
  11. Click Save and Publish.
  12. Amazon will email you when the book is ready

Step 3: Promote and Launch

After publishing, tell the world about your engineering book. Get some reviews first, reviews are important, because these will legitimize your work to new readers. Then it’s time to launch your e-book. Send an email to your list of friends, family and other engineers, announcing the release of your book. Share your e-book with online engineering forums and book directories.

For more help on self-publishing for Kindle, check out the Kindle Publishing Guide

About Accounts

Publishing Process

Update Your Published Book

Sales, Royalties, Payments, and Taxes




You can definitely make good amount of money off Kindle books. But it will depend on a few factors.

  1. The content quality in the book
  2. Price point at which it is offered - best royalties are between $2.99 and $9.99.
  3. The genre of the book - Engineering can be a good category.
  4. The marketing effort put in by the author and the promotion activities planned. The first 15-20 reviews - whether positive or negative, the reviews have to be genuine and as detailed as possible.
  5. Pre-orders can have a significant impact on Amazon sales rank on the day of release. So, it might be a good idea to enable pre-ordering for the book and accumulate as many orders as possible before release.

    There are many books that are pretty ordinary that have gone on to sell millions of copies. Some books just strike a chord with readers and end up on the bestseller lists despite the plot being ordinary.  All said and done, you need to be prepared to put your best work out there, use every available means to promote your work without actually saying, "Buy my book!", treat every reader as if they are your only reader and hope for the best.

    Good luck Engineer!


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