Create Success by Creating Value for Others

When you look at people who are at the top of their field, you will discover that they all have one thing in common. It really doesn’t matter what field they are in, they all do one specific thing on a consistent basis. Can you guess what that is?

They are all busy adding value to other people’s lives in some way. And by doing this they also create success for themselves. This doesn’t happen by accident, it is 100% intentional. Creating greater value for others is an extremely powerful success strategy for several reasons. Let’s examine some of those reasons and consider a few examples.

Increase your own value

When you create value for others, you become more valuable to them. Think about this in regard to your own life. Every single person who is important to you is adding value to your life on some level. The closer your relationship with them, the greater their contribution to your life.

What kind of contribution? Personal relationships are prioritized according to their emotional value. In some important way, having that person in your life is adding value to your life because they make you feel better about yourself. In business relationships, the value is generally measured by its effect on your bottom line or on your ability to do business.

A quantum shift

When we focus on creating more value for other people, it completely shifts our perspective. We will naturally start to move away from self serving motives as we increasingly consider the welfare of others. This causes our own happiness and success to become a byproduct of our efforts to contribute to the happiness and success of others.

The more we focus on contributing in a worthwhile way to other people’s lives, the more our own happiness becomes bound up with theirs. This kind of community consciousness elevates our existence to a much higher level. When we focus on adding value to the lives of others it expands our world. When our focus is based on selfishness, our world shrinks.

As our world expands, we become exposed to greater opportunities. Acting on those opportunities brings greater value into our lives and that contributes to our success. It’s a total win-win situation.

How can we apply this in our personal lives right now?

Start with your closest relationships. Look for ways to contribute to the lives of those around you. What can you do for your wife, husband, children, or friends to help them feel better about themselves? How can you bring a smile to their face, or a warm feeling to their hearts?

As you take steps to contribute value to their lives, notice how it makes you feel about yourself. You will soon notice a resulting increase in your personal sense of joy and satisfaction. In some way, by adding value to those you care about, you will also be creating value for yourself and your relationships with those people. This is the best way to create what we might call relationship success.

What about success in business?

If you are an employee, find ways to become more valuable to your employer. Creating greater value at work adds to your employer’s bottom line, and his appreciation may add to yours. If you are an entrepreneur, look for new ways of create value for those in your tribe and those that you do business with.

Richard A. Kimball, Jr., founder and CEO of HExL, Inc. Kimball said, “That the fastest road to success isn’t about assembling smart people and working hard, but rather engaging people in a bigger ideal than themselves and positively engaging people to work as a team.”

First things first

The point is, focus on adding value first and don’t worry about how it is going to come back to you. Don’t think of adding value to the lives of others as bartering. It’s not about looking to make an even trade. It is more like making a deposit into the community human growth account. We all make deposits and we all extract benefits. We never know exactly how or when that is going to happen.

One thing we do know, if you make enough deposits you can eventually live on the interest, and that’s a beautiful thing. So take advantage of every opportunity to make deposits in that community human growth account. By doing so, you will be creating success by creating value. It’s one of those situations where everyone benefits.

“Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, ‘What’s in it for me?’” The fact is that our greatest successes in life often come through helping others to succeed, and without question, when you focus on helping others succeed your eventual payoff will always be far greater than your investment.

Here are five ways that everyone can help others to succeed, and in turn find greater success themselves:

Pay attention to the details of other people’s lives.

When you make the effort to remember the important details of others’ lives, such as their spouse’s name, their children, their hobbies, etc. your ability to be a positive impact in their life increases tremendously. It lets the other person know how important they are to you. It lets them know that you truly care about their life. The more a person knows that you genuinely care about them, the more they will in turn move heaven and earth to help you with the things you want. And with the contact tracking tools available on our electronic devices today, it is incredibly simple to make quick notes about people so your memory can always be fresh.

Help people connect by sharing your network with others.

Be willing to introduce people to others you know who can help advance or forward their goals. When you have a networking event to attend, invite people to come with you that could benefit from expanding their network as well. The more you open up your network to others, the more you will find your own network expanding, and you might just be amazed at the incredible contacts you end up receiving from the most unlikely people.

Inspiring a person is worth far more than motivating a person.

You can motivate an employee with a raise, or a fancy title, and for a period of time they will feel motivated to work harder to show their appreciation. But after a little time passes they begin to forget the additional money and the fancier title because those have now become the “norm” and you’ll find that, once again, they are back to needing added motivation to take their performance to the next level. On the other hand if you inspire an employee by treating them with respect and frequently letting them know, in a sincere way, just how much you appreciate them and the contribution they are making, you will find that they are constantly motivated to continually increase their efforts on an ongoing basis. Inspiring others is the ultimate form of perpetual motivation.

Give honest feedback in a respectful and constructive way.

This is one of the most difficult things for people to learn to do well. Many people don’t like confronting issues and would rather dance around them, while those who do like confrontation often aren’t respectful or constructive in the way they give it. But those who can learn the skill of giving honest and open feedback in a constructive and uplifting way can have a tremendous impact on improving the lives of others. One trick that has helped me with giving good feedback is to always make sure that I am walking into the conversation with the mindset of truly caring about this person and wanting to genuinely help them to improve. If I go into the conversation with that motivation then my words naturally come out better. The more you give feedback to helps others improve, the more you will find that they will, in turn, open up to you and give you feedback that helps you to improve as well.

Here are other ways on how exactly can you help others succeed

  1. Share your knowledge and expertise: Everyone is an expert in something, and there are definitely people out there who can benefit from your experience and knowledge. Being open to giving your time and sharing with others to help them get ahead is a pretty simple task. Plus, through mentoring you yourself will gain new knowledge, skills and improve your problem-solving capabilities.
  2. Share your resources: I’ve had so many people help me out with my new modeling agency – mostly by sharing their network with me and connecting me with others in the fashion industry. It doesn’t serve them… yet. I definitely will remember all of the favors and repay them when I’m able. It may have taken just a moment of their time, but it has helped me to grow my business immensely.
  3. Make others aware of an opportunity: How many opportunities come your way that aren’t quite right for you, but could be great for someone else? Instead of hitting the delete button, passing these chances on to those who might be better suited is a small gesture that could be a total game changer for someone else.
  4. Be a cheerleader: The same friend who I previously mentioned is also my biggest cheerleader. She tells everyone about the blog whenever she gets the opportunity, and it has been huge for me in building a network of other models. If one of your friends or colleagues has a business, a blog, a product — anything that they are passionate about, if you have a chance to sell it to others, don’t hesitate. Fellow blogger J Money over at Budgets Are Sexy has been another big cheerleader for me – helping me to promote my site when he already has a huge PF platform and following.
  5. Don’t tear others down: On the other hand, you can be a huge help to others by not taking the opportunity to bad mouth when you have the chance. Not participating in tearing those down who you may be competing with, and instead wishing them the best is a practice in good vibes that will always come back to you. Plus, why waste your energy on hoping someone fails when you could be using it to build up your own success?

By helping others when you get the chance, you will build deeper and broader connections that may benefit your professional life, but will most certainly benefit your life as a whole. From a motivation perspective, helping others enriches the meaning and purpose of our own lives, showing us that our contributions matter and energizing us to work harder, longer, and smarter. The biggest leaders of the world have gotten help on the way up and continue to pay it forward – now it’s your turn.

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