Guide to Starting a Home-Based Business for the unemployed Engineers

Home-based businesses are on the rise. Growing numbers of engineers who are unable to land positions are turning to opening their own home-based businesses. Statistics say the number of home-based businesses is close to 38 million already.

The pros seem to outnumber the cons. The small start-up expenditures are of actual interest to the many unemployed engineers. Others are interested in the cost savings realized by eliminating commuting costs as well as other expenses such as meals and clothing. The flexible lifestyle that accompanies a home-based business makes it a viable option, especially for engineers who have young children.

There are undesirable concerns too. To other engineers, working alone make you feel incomplete. This isolation is too difficult to manage for some, although it is also perceived to make you more productive. Other engineers find the deficiency of support staff to be overwhelming as they have to complete time-consuming tasks that in an office setting would be completed by others. A major challenge for home-based businesses is the struggle some have in keeping their work and personal lives separate. While taking the initiative to start your own business is a huge step in your career management, there are great deals of free and inexpensive assistance available.

Choosing the right home-based business

When starting a home-based business, the list of possibilities is practically endless. Do you have a specialized engineering skill you have performed for an employer? If you are currently unemployed and have always wanted to own your own business, working as a freelancer in a field where you have a proven track record might be an option.

As when starting any new business, you should consider whether there is a demand for freelancers in your chosen engineering expertise or whether the field is already crowded. Having already worked in the field, you should be able to find this out. If you would like to run engineering and design business, you should seriously consider taking a drafting and design course so that you can combine your experience with the proper credentials.

Freelancers without special credentials or experience can still have very successful businesses if they fill a niche that hasn’t been filled. Freelance businesses are a great fit for many types of work — some not readily apparent. Freelance businesses are typically those that can be done on a project or contract basis. Whether the project been doing tasks such as architectural design of a new home or an AUTOCAD drawing of an equipment part, it’s still work that has a beginning and end. Whether you get paid by the hour or by the project, it’s still freelancing if you decide what service or item you are going to provide, you control how you will provide this service or item, what price you’re going to get paid, and how you’re going to get paid.

Beware of freelance, get-rich-quick scams or freelance businesses that require you to make large purchases of instructional materials or inventory to get started. Just use common sense and investigate any potential work opportunities before you part with any money. Every business opportunity, freelancing or not, requires careful investigation.

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