Create your own Job Security by building an online Engineering Business at home

"Security" will most likely be the response if you ask 100 or 1,000 Engineers to sum up in a single word what a typical job with health benefits, paid vacations, and a retirement plan means to them. We are taught to go to school, go to engineering college, get good grades and find an Engineering job with tremendous benefits. The Engineers then work their very best years, after that, engineers get to retire with a gold watch and “enjoy” the rest of their lives. For me, this seems like the recipe for unhappiness. This is the rat race, pure and simple.

January 22, 2009. Intel Corporation declared that they had closed its Cavite (Philippines) plant and laid off less than 2,000 factory workers and an unidentified number of executives. This news shocked everyone. Not because thousands instantly lost their jobs, but because in 2009 Intel Corporation was the leading chip manufacturer in the world. We hear same news of thousands of employees losing their jobs every year. In fact, there are even more people being laid off by smaller and lesser known companies, yet we don't often read this reality about them in the newspaper.

Job Security Is An Illusion

These poor people indeed experienced a rude awakening:  ‘Job security is an illusion and there's nobody that would rescue them.’ If you work for somebody else, you have no job security. Why? Because someone else makes the decisions. How can we be in control of our finances, careers or happiness, when someone else has the power to fire you?  As an employee, you consciously put yourself into a submissive situation; one that actually is not totally secure when you realize at any given time your superior can say a few words and turn off all of your income. So how can you have true job security when you have no control?

Create Your Own Job Security

If we recognize that we have no job security if we’re not in charge or in control, then why not figure out how to be in charge?  This is the main reason why many people choose to quit their jobs and become entrepreneurs. Having your own business will give you the freedom and security that you simply can't expect from any regular employment.  But my advice is, while you're still employed; quietly and steadily build a part-time business.  When you've decided to start your own business, it's tempting to quit your day job so you can give your new business all of your attention.  But should you quit your job first and then start the business or run your business on the side first? It depends on the business that you will venture. You might still need the income of your job to make ends meet.  But what business type can give you the luxury to have time for both your day time job and starting your own business? BE A HOME-BASED ONLINE ENGINEER.  This is exactly the objective of my blog, to teach you (engineers) the best and efficient business lifestyle strategies. I initially suggest the following options for your online business:

How to self-publish your engineering ideas in a Kindle eBook at home?

ENGINEERS should start a YOUTUBE CHANNEL to create income at Home

Build your online Engineering and homed-based business by starting a Blog

Engineers must discover the potential to earn money at home by doing Affiliate Marketing.

When you run your own online engineering business, you will need to take on day-to-day challenges with a combination of determination, ambition, and grit. Since the business growth depends on you, it’s up to you to make your clients happy, and it is up to you to market your products and services in order for your business to remain profitable.  You will need grit because you will be tested every day, frequently being pushed beyond your comfort zone.

Stay motivated and always keep in mind your main goal why you started your business.


Jomel is an Online Engineer who works at home to generate extra income. He is one of your reliable guide to best and effective Business Lifestyle Strategies for Engineers

Philippians 4:13
I can do all this through Christ who gives me strength.

4 thoughts on “Create your own Job Security by building an online Engineering Business at home

  1. Job security is a funny thing. This is the ultimate fallacy when it comes to “what they say vs what is true.” Traditional thinking is that to be truly secure you had to have a comfortable job with a decent paycheck.

    Well as millions of people have learned over the last few years, their “job security” was more of a myth than anything else.True job security lies in the skills you create for yourself, and the network of people you surround yourself with. With the right skill set, you will always be able to find work – whether it’s for someone else or yourself. And as you grow your network of friends, colleagues, and acquaintances, you’ll never have any shortage of people to turn to when times get rough.

    That is real job security – or job security 2.0 as I call it.

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